Azure Noir Pour Homme- Eau De Toilette Spray Perfume, Fragrance For Men- Daywear, Casual Daily Cologne Set with Deluxe Suede Pouch- 3.4 Oz AZURE NOIR men's designer newly launched impression cologne fragrance by MIRAGE BRANDS AZURE NOIR is a aromatic, fresh spicy, green, citrus, woody uplifting scent for new signature scent Categorized as Woody Spicy Long lasting Eau De Toilette EDT quality fragrance Unique alternatives to expensive designer fragrances Impression cologne scent similar to popular designer fragrance of WANTED AZZARO by AZZARO® This scent makes a statement, whether it be just in your house by yourself, or out in public. The top notes splash you with pineapple, bergamot & apple. As the day progresses you're greeted with oak moss, Birchwood, & vanilla. It's a masterpiece of perfumery, if you're a man who's found themselves in a bit of financial success, give this bad boy a try. It'll magnify your confidence.

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This fragrance is crafted by master perfumers using only high quality essential oils normally found in the most expensive designer perfumes and colognes.
 This is the reason for its long lasting scent. Enjoy a high quality, luxury experience at about a third of the price of a traditional designer Fragrance.
 This perfume is recognized as being the best alternative to the original.
These impression(inspired) fragrances are not connected in anyway with the trademark or the trademark owners mentioned on packaging..
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Martha Macias

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