22 May

Properties of goat's milk soap

Natural goat milk soaps

Goat Milk is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the skin, in addition to the lipids found in milk to moisturize the skin, preventing dryness and cracking. Modern science has confirmed the immense value of vitamin E for the skin, which is found in Goat Milk, in addition to its rich and creamy texture that makes a wonderful soap.

For this reason, goat's milk in cosmetics does not only act by nourishing its chemical composition, but also accompanies and introduces nutrients into the cell. This virtue makes it especially important in damaged and allergic skins that have altered physiology and metabolism, and a lower capacity for nutrition and therefore regeneration. Other important ingredients are alpha hydroxy acids, minerals, and vitamins, which aid cellular nutrition.

Goat Milk in contact with the skin, directly provides the nutrients that are dissolved in it, but this is not only its function, it goes further.

Lipoproteins help the passage of nutrients and water, through the membrane of epithelial cells, carrying nutrients and water inside the cells of the skin itself, this is the reason why the skin remains so smooth after using goat's milk soaps instead of conventional soaps.

The Goat milk contains retinol which is an anti-wrinkle, lactic acid which is a cell renewal and helps to treat expression lines.

The more fat the milk, the better the soap that is extracted from it. It is a recommended soap for daily use and its action can be noticed from the moment it is used.

The fundamental ingredients for the elaboration of our goat's milk soap are:

Soap base (vegetable glycerin): 100% natural and high quality formula, does not contain chemical solvents, alcohol or propylene glycol.

Olive Oil: Coming only from the fruit of the olive tree, it contains vitamins A, D and K, and it also differs from other oils in that it has a higher proportion of vitamin E, the most important function of which is to act as an antioxidant substance and combat the formation of free radicals , maximum responsible for aging.

It is a very rich source of essential fatty acids that help restore the skin's natural moisture levels, and it also has soothing, relaxing and toning properties.

Coconut Oil: It is unique and essential for its ability to foam. It is used for its nutritive properties that give the skin a new luminosity, helping to prevent wrinkles and the first marks of time, it also contains lauric acid, one of the components of breast milk that, according to scientific studies, gives it to the skin, tone, protection, softness and youth, thanks to its restructuring action.

Special for irritated and inflamed skin and is also recommended for those with sensitive skin.

The soap made with vegetable oils, contains the same properties of the plant, flowers and fruits from which it was extracted, providing your skin with the nutrient that a normal soap does not provide. apart from cleaning it, it aromatizes your skin and: 

Moisturizes it, prevents aging of the skin, nourishes it, detoxifies it and provides softness.

With these ingredients a base soap is produced, which we can change by adding other essential oils, vegetable oils, virgin beeswax, honey, oats, clays ... to adapt to the needs of each skin type.

On the purchase page, you can find the different goat milk soaps that we have to provide protection and beauty for your skin.

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